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Welcome to Cambridge School

We are excited and pleased to introduce you to the wonderful, passionate and committed educators who are working at Cambridge School. Please take a moment to meet “Our Family!” We invited each of them to describe why they love working with children.

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.

-Bob Beauprez

Why Cambridge School?

Our Core Values

With Cambridge, we always put the quality of teaching children first, please rest assured when sending children at Cambridge School.

Learning Experience

Assisted with personal guidance and optimum knowledge is achieved through experimentation and exploration.

Individual Mentoring

Closely monitor each student’s academic progress and sharing the feedback with the parents to initiate a collaborative effort to help the child achieve excellence.

Audio-Visual Aids

To supplement learning and enhance understanding. This instructional device appeals to the vision, thus it helps in retention.

Guiding The Young Generation To Success.

1964 Established as a foundation of education. Our Unique Pedagogy is Our unique pedagogy is our excellence, personal attention, holistic development, best-in-class infrastructure, and safe campus.

Our Vision

To foster a society of responsible citizens having the capacity of progressive thinking, initiating positive change to impact the larger community through quality education, virtuous thoughts, and a positive attitude.

Our Mission

Being a pre-eminent learning center, the school is committed to: Promote academic competence and develop core values of respect, diversity, and joy of learning. Empowering children to develop into disciplined leaders of the future with high self-esteem.



The kindergarten for a child is the important stage where he/she learns and practices skills. The period where they try to experiment new things towards development..

Primary School

Primary School education is the step that lifts them towards their academics and other extra curricular skills. The special care for the children is needed to enhance their skills and help them to find the real interest.

Middle School

The education period where the students need to prepare themselves for the best outcome in the exams. Pre-Teen students with lots of dreams in their head and to pull the fantasy all together into one single goal.

High school

The load of hard work and efforts comes to an end in high school. The students really need to showcase the efforts he/she did all these years. The phase to groom a student to a person in the future society.

What are we specialized in?

Online Teaching-An Initiative

The virtual way of teaching during this Covid-19 pandemic time was effective by using Microsoft TEAMS platform and its features were helpful for our students in many ways. The evolution of offline classes to the virtual one even in this pandemic is a great task yet we planned to present a perfect class environment for the students.

School Clubs

We believe and arrange for various school clubs that enhance the life skills of the students. Cambrians are given the option to select their fond clubs and enrich themselves by learning something new every now and then. School Clubs are to get through the improvement of crafting the learning ability, extra-curricular activities, Teamwork and more.

Modernized Reading Habits With Digital Library

Libraries have historically been called the house of writing, the seedbed for development to the kids. In this advancement of technology and stuff everything goes online rather than offline, so we are offering a digital library to the students.

Sustainability Drive

This program enlightens the students in protecting the environment in subsequent years. The school takes multiple approaches to involve young minds in ecological projects on top of the course of their studies.

Basic foundation programme

Our school conducts a BASE foundation program to enhance the quality of high school students (for VIII, IX, X). This program adds the quality of being inquisitive, enquired and inferred through self motivated activities.


“I see and feel a lot of pride, passion and performance in this Institution”.

Mr. E. S. Chakravarthy Centre Head - TCS

“A wonderful experience interacting with your staff, students. Wishing several years of successful management and achievements”.

Prof. Arpita Bnerjee E LT Consultant & Corporate Trainer, British Council

“An excellent environment for children at Cambridge School. Immense of positivity and modesty. God bless these kids and they achieve all their aim and aspiration”.

Anuj K Mishra Allen Career Institute Senior Faculty

“A wonderful ambience and in fact this is a place of excellence”.

Dr. Kumar Principal Soundarya PU College

“Excellent environment for education”.

Abdul Rashith D.D.P.U. South Bangalore

“Cambridge is an excellent school with a committed principal and galaxy of dedicated teachers. I wish them all the very best”.

M. Hemalatha Senior Faculty ACT


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    Cambridge School has always been a leader in education.



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