Campus Life

After School Activities


Basket Ball

Volley Ball

Foot Ball







Horse Riding

At its finest, rider and horse are joined not by tack, but by trust. Each is totally reliant upon the other. Each is the selfless guardian of the other’s spirit, the same zeal inspires us to encourage to students to take up Horse Riding classes in the campus

Riffle Shooting

Setting goal and being persuasive to achieve it is skill that helps young learners to remain focused . Riffle shooting classes encourages the Cambrians to be like ‘ARJUNA’- aiming their target.

Extra curricular


STEM is a curriculum to educate the students in four disciplines like science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. This generation students are fond of these fields in exploring new stuff and by absorbing the technology they gather their innovation into the process of application. So, STEM is the integration of four disciplines into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.


Computer Labs-Cambridge School

Each child differs in learning and grasping things as we know, so we have a curriculum to advance each of them in their own pace called ‘Coding curriculum’ While the coding curriculum is in practice, it is designed for students to develop their computer programming skills from a beginner to advanced levels. With each step up the students gain proficiency in specific programming skills and add new, more complex projects to their portfolio. Levels are taught in age and experience appropriate development environments.

Beyond books

Books are just the gateway to learn stuff but in reality, being practical and gaining experimental knowledge is the best way of learning, leading to having an adventurous way of building a career for the future.
We assure you that your kids will have fun learning out of books. We graduate our students with the quality of understanding and it builds a perfect environment for each and every student.

TED Ed Club

This club is the pride for us to have the license to run this club for our students which is issued to only a few ICSE schools of bangalore have this student club. This platform helps our students to share their innovative ideas, be creative and be vocal about their inherent passion. TED-Ed club is conceived to create a generation of innovative problem-solvers for our society. It aims to spark and celebrate the ideas and knowledge sharing of students.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance

Music and Dance is really necessary for the kids. It increases the kids to be more creative and learn new words by reading out the lyrics or by singing rhymes. Cambridge Schools knows the importance of Dance and music, so we stay focused on developing the young minds byencouraging them. All the kids need some appreciation and motivation for the simple steps, we always cheer them up in every little moment.

We listed dance and music as the extracurricular activities and we have separate sessions for movable moments and music to elevate the talent in them. It is important to boost the process of learning.


Yoga is beneficial not only for adults but also for children. A separate session is held every week to empower the positive impact on children. Yoga manages a child’s anxiety, boosts children self-esteem, yoga flexes with concentration and memory of the children.

Yoga is really important for the children’s strength and flexibility. It also teaches discipline. This is known as the perfect balance of academics and physical health. Our school is very clear about yoga and its primary importance is to follow doing yoga.


Basket Ball Game- Cambridge School

Sports is a key in that all students take part spontaneously in sporting activities. For it is said that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl” Cambridge schools show much pride to the sports and sport’s person. The simple advantage of engaging with sports is that it develops physical skills, get exercise, make new friends, have fun, learn how to play fair and to improve self-esteem.

Cambridge provides some of the sports like indoor and outdoor sports such as cricket, throwball, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess, carrom, athletics.

Children always need a break from their academics, to spend a valuable time then sports is the best choice.

Public Speaking

Motivating the children to feel free and socially blend with them, this helps to form connections with other people. Cambridge school tries to pull the students out of their comfort zone and to overcome the fear of public speaking. We give a chance to each student to face the social zone. ‘Communication is the backbone of friendly society’ Public speaking assists to improve communication skills. It also influences the decisions and motivates change.

Library Programme

Cambridge school has the best amount of academic books. The students were assessed to read the books to grain their brain. Library supports a student with their grammar skills, comprehension, vocabulary, inducing the habit of reading, and develops problem solving attitude in childhood.

Trips and Expeditions

Field Trip

Cambridge School takes the students on study tours of various locations where the students can watch and learn different things. The implementation of academics in the mind of students is simple when we practically learn through field trips. The students can also have fun learning away from the school zone. Our school plans trips and expeditions once or twice a month.

Student Council

In order to assist the Management and Teachers in disciplining the students, there is the Student Council. This council tends leadership and responsibility among the students. Every student should know the importance of the council and coordinate the students to report a problem to the management.
Our school closely watches the decisions of the students and helps them to solve the problem.

Health and nutrition programme

Nutrition is very important at any age, still children need to check and update their health. This is a programme conducted for the students under the nutritionist. The report might help the parents to know about their kids’ health. The health and nutrition programme is held by our school to shape the health of the students.