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Our Classes

Cambridge Juniors

The kindergarten for a child is the important stage where he/she learns and practices skills. The period where they try to experiment new things towards development..

Middle School - Cambridge School

Primary School

Primary School education is the step that lifts them towards their academics and other extra curricular skills. The special care for the children is needed to enhance their skills and help them to find the real interest.

High School-Cambridge School

Middle School

The education period where the students need to prepare themselves for the best outcome in the exams. Pre-Teen students with lots of dreams in their head and to pull the fantasy all together into one single goal.


High school

The load of hard work and efforts comes to an end in high school. The students really need to showcase the efforts he/she did all these years. The phase to groom a student to a person in the future society.


The Infrastructure of Cambridge School is well labeled among the schools in bangalore. A best ICSE school with multiple facilities and world class infrastructure.

Extra Curricular

Field Trip
Trips and Expeditions
Music and Dance
Music and Dance
Public Speaking
Health & Nutrition programme

Focused Factors

Educational Excellence

Skill Development

Cultural Exposure

Community Building

Lifelong Learning

Personal Wellbeing

What do Parents say About Us?

Mr. E. S. Chakravarthy Centre Head - TCS

“I see and feel a lot of pride, passion and performance in this Institution”.

Prof. Arpita Bnerjee E LT Consultant & Corporate Trainer, British Council

“A wonderful experience interacting with your staff, students. Wishing several years of successful management and achievements”.

Anuj K Mishra Allen Career Institute Senior Faculty

“An excellent environment for children at Cambridge School. Immense of positivity and modesty. God bless these kids and they achieve all their aim and aspiration”.

Dr. Kumar Principal Soundarya PU College

“A wonderful ambience and in fact this is a place of excellence”.

Abdul Rashith D.D.P.U. South Bangalore

“Excellent environment for education”.

M. Hemalatha Senior Faculty ACT

“Cambridge is an excellent school with a committed principal and galaxy of dedicated teachers. I wish them all the very best”.