Best Kindergarten School in Bangalore


Creating self-learners who learn continuously through REFLECTIONS, EXPLORATION and DISCOVERY by creating child centric entrepreneurial preschool which promotes experiential learning.


The school’s focus is on building future entrepreneurs and cultivating kids’ interest. Also, to empower the students to take ownership of their learning, create young citizens who are conscious, empathetic and responsible.

Top Primary Schools in Bangalore

Primary School

We have a vision of building leaders of tomorrow on the foundations of academic excellence and service to society. We teach a child how to be a better one to shine through their career. The school seeks to enrich childhoods with knowledge, insight, innovation & transformation. We believe that each student is a unique personality who deserves to be treated fairly, respectfully, and with understanding. 

The school seeks to provide every student with an opportunity to tap his/her potential and feel enthused to give the best through well-planned curricular teaching, and absorbing extracurricular activities. Learning is a tapestry of moments of discovery and joyful insights that are fostered by cooperative learning systems.

In order to keep the young minds with rich and varied images, our school involves stress-free and better methods are as follows:

  • Monitoring the child’s progress regularly so keep an eye on them.
  • Improvising the child’s academic and technical skills using modern learning devices such as Smart Boards.
  • Computerized programmes in various subjects to enhance the richness of learning.

Best ICSE Schools in Bangalore

Middle School

Cambridge School is here to create sensitivity and passion for work in children, which in turn would go a long way in giving them unlimited energy to fulfill their dreams. We prepare our future citizens on whose shoulders lie on respecting and protecting the cultural, environmental and intellectual property of India. he Objective of an educational institution is to identify, develop and promote the innate qualities of an individual who will go on to become a useful and responsible citizen of the society.

The pre-teen years are both impressionable and deceptive, hence the teaching methods and aids are designed to take this into account.

The Middle School offers:

  • Individualized learning paths assuring coverage of concepts and skills.
  • Interactive Curriculum throwing everyday challenges to the learner.
  • Independent mode of learning and expression.
Smart classroom

Best High School in KR Puram

Education - Cambridge School

High School

In the present era, the students are growing with technology and in this fast-paced world, values are gradually deteriorating. We are committed to groom every child as a whole. Academic excellence and Discipline have always been the priority and the benchmark of Cambridge School. We ensure that each student gets personal attention to excel in academics as well as in bettering their overall personality. We want our students to step out into this world as the perfect blend of Knowledge, Discipline, Ethics, and Humility so that they may indeed leave their footprints on the sands of time.

At this level, the objectives and methodologies of the Board Exams are primarily focused upon. The students are monitored and trained so that they are well prepared and confident about the upcoming ICSE exam.

This is done through:

  • Constant evaluation in accordance with the norms of the ICSE Board.
  • Emphasis upon the Oral (Speaking) and Aural (Listening) Skills as a part of the ICSE English Project.
  • Learning is made easy through seminars, audio-visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, and role play.